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Volo Booking Management Platform

Welcome to Volo’s Booking Management platform!

Welcome to Volo’s Booking Management platform!

This section is specially dedicated to our business partners and allows them access to their Volo booking information, statuses and management.

Therefore, if you are a travel agent, tour operator, hotel manager, or any other business owner interested in collaborating with Volo and easing your customers’ transportation needs, you can request to have a Volo account opened for you.

Transportation got so much easier in Dar es Salaam, with Volo.

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The Volo experience is the equivalent of an exquisite journey.

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We only use trusted, German car brands in our fleet.

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Book a pick-up and drop-off ride and let our drivers take care of the rest.
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Our executive car rental service is here to ensure total mobility during your stay
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